We’re Thankful for Technology!

We’re Thankful for Technology!
November 12, 2015 Melissa Bauman

Today is “Thankful Thursday”! Each Thursday throughout the month of November, we are sharing something that we’re thankful for here at Urgent Care for Kids. This week, we are thankful for the advances in medicine that help us diagnose your children quickly and correctly. In our clinics specifically, we are thankful for X-Ray technology that helps us know whether or not a bone is broken, flu shots that prevent our patients (and all of us!) from getting sick, advanced lab technology that can tell us whether or not a patient has strep throat in minutes, and even our charting system that helps us keep every patient’s information organized and easily accessible. Outside of our clinics, we’re thankful for ongoing medical research that searches for a cure to cancer and other diseases, advanced imaging technology such as MRI and CT scans that can allow doctors to get a closer look at what’s going on inside our bodies, and for all of the doctors committed to learning more about these new techniques that make healthcare more effective. We encourage you and your family to participate in Thankful Thursday with us each week on social media. What are you thankful for today?


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