May 12, 2016 Melissa Bauman


Welcome back to #THROWBACKTHURSDAY! We love this series because every Thursday we take a trip down memory lane and visit the history of Urgent Care for Kids, healthcare, and other fun things. Hop into our time machine and let’s go!

Today, we’re looking at the history of a very helpful invention, the thermometer! This device has become a household necessity, and is a part of each and every doctor’s visit. Let’s learn more!


Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


Galileo invented the air-thermoscope to measure changes in air temperature. This was a long glass tube filled with water that measured the change by an increase or decrease in the water level.


Graduated measurements were added to an updated design of the thermometer, making reading the measurements much easier and much more accurate.


French physicist Guillaume Amontons added mercury to the thermometer, making the measurements more reliable.


Dutch instrument maker Daniel Fahrenheit introduced a line of thermometers with a uniform temperature scale, using the boiling point (212 degrees) and freezing point (32 degrees) of water as points of reference.


Sir Thomas Allbutt, an English physician, developed the clinical thermometer. This device was considerably smaller than previous models, and took only 5 minutes to obtain an accurate reading rather than the 20 minutes required by earlier thermometers.


Today, we have moved past glass thermometers and onto digital technology that allows a reading to be taken in under a minute. However, the basic technology still remains, and is an integral part of healthcare today.

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