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Do You Have Everything Ready for Your Trip?

Do You Have Everything Ready for Your Trip?
July 15, 2013 Melissa Bauman

To help ensure that your child is safe while you are away, Urgent Care for Kids has put together an emergency contact list.PrepartationforTripUrgentCareforKids

Whether the caregiver is a grandparent, nanny or a family friend, it is important to be over prepared before you leave for an extended period of time. Here are some tips of information to leave with a caregiver.

  1. Emergency numbers
    • On the refrigerator or the counter, make sure these numbers are visible
  2. Permission to treat form
    • In the case of illness or an emergency, it is important to remember to leave a note stating that the caregiver has the permission to take the child to be medically treated.
  3. List of children’s basic information
    • Including allergies and other medical conditions
  4. Insurance information
  5. Other information that you can include
    • Plumber, vet, electrician, security system, etc.

Urgent Care for Kids has put together an Emergency Contact List for your family! Print out the information now to put on your fridge and be prepared.
Emergency Contact List

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