Completing Chores with Little Ones

Completing Chores with Little Ones
February 15, 2016 Melissa Bauman

As a parent, you are continually teaching your children. Teaching them to say please and thank you, teaching them to look both ways before crossing the street, and of course, teaching them to be responsible. Responsibility can be taught in so many ways, but today we’re talking about teaching your children to do their chores. With Spring cleaning in sight, what better time to begin getting organized with chores? Today we want to share our favorite tips on teaching your children how to effectively complete assigned tasks, while still having a little fun along the way!


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  1. Chore Chart

First, you’ll need to determine age appropriate tasks for your little ones to take on. It’s best to organize these tasks by the day of the week, or by the room of the house. To make it fun, create a chore chart for them to reference. There are so many adorable way’s to create a chore chart, but we love this list put together by The 36th Avenue blog.

  1. Routine

As with any habit, it’s best to get into a routine to complete chores. Whether that’s first thing in the morning, or directly after dinner-time, find the time that will work best for your family. Make sure to allow for at least one day (perhaps Saturday or Sunday) without a chore list.

  1. Incentives

Providing an incentive is a great way to get your children motivated. A small weekly allowance, or an incentive for “non-required” tasks is an excellent way to encourage your children in their work. You can also create task lists with gold stars for completed tasks. Working towards a goal (such as receiving a gold star or a dollar) can be highly motivating for children.


However you choose help your children complete their chores, remember to encourage them and give them a pat on the back for a job well-done! If you have a chore chart that you use, we would love to see it! You can post it through Facebook or Instagram and tag Urgent Care for Kids!


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