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XOXO, Dr. Duck

XOXO, Dr. Duck
February 13, 2014 Melissa Bauman


There’s a lot of little things to love about Urgent Care for Kids. You adore our convenient hours, short wait times, and child-friendly clinics. You love that your child is always seen by one of our pediatric trained providers, and that we’re located only a short distance from your home in either Houston or Dallas. But this Valentine’s Day, Urgent Care for Kids wants to let you in on a little secret—we’ve fallen for you, too!


We love helping you take care of your little ones—even though we wish they’d feel better soon.

We love answering your questions, both in the clinic and over the phone.

We love reading your reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google+.

We love that you talk about us—to your family, friends, neighbors, pediatricians, daycare providers, teachers, mailmen… You get the picture.

We love that you include us (and Dr. Duck!) in your community—through fundraisers, story times, festivals, book sales, and much, much more.

We love YOU for being a part of our lives.


Happy, happy Valentine’s Day from Urgent Care for Kids!


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