Urgent Care Georgetown TX

Put an end to staying up all night worried about whether your child’s cough or fever is going to worsen tomorrow morning. Urgent Care for Kids offers an ideal solution for Georgetown parents. Short wait times, quality medical care by a pediatric trained staff and wide range of insurance accepted.  We provide the urgent care Georgetown TX parent’s need for their loved little ones.

  • Take your child to the Emergency Room, where you could be waiting for hours among other extremely sick or injured patients.
  • Urgent Care for Kids offers the urgent care Georgetown TX parents and children need in the most inconvenient situations, and make it as convenient as possible for them to get it. They’ll even put together a full report to take to your regular doctor and send it over as soon as your pediatrician’s office is open again.

    Urgent Care for Kids is located in Round Rock, but we gladly welcome our neighbors for their urgent care Georgetown TX needs.

    If you have any questions or just want to learn more Urgent Care for Kids–especially if you live and are looking for urgent care near Georgetown TX, contact us today.

    (And you should probably go ahead and save that number to your phone!)

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