Urgent Care Clinics Run Out Of Vaccines

Urgent Care Clinics Run Out Of Vaccines
August 28, 2014 Melissa Bauman

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 News) – More people are packing into urgent care clinics, seeking a vaccine, as hospitals overflow with flu-concerned patients.

The flu has claimed the lives of 26 people in Dallas County, three in Denton County and one in Tarrant County. Now fear of the deadly illness has caused hospitals to point people scrounging for a vaccine to urgent care clinics.

The problem, now, is that supplies at these urgent care clinics across North Texas are running dry.

Every room in Expedian Urgent Care in Mansfield is full, where upwards of 50 patients are being treated daily.

Dr. Minh Nguyen, who works in Expedian Urgent Care, says the clinic ran out of vaccines two days ago and will likely not be restocked.

At Urgent Care for Kids in Keller, there might be hope. The clinic is currently out of the vaccine, but said it should be receiving more by Tuesday.

Dr. Gina Fowler said more children are visiting the clinic since school started for the spring term.

Over the past few days, Urgent Care for Kids has seen 30 children. One-third of those patients have tested positive for the flu.

Doctors said a big issue is people who think they have the flu, but don’t. These people add to the crowd of panic, and are exposing themselves to those who have the flu.

CBS 11’s Arezow Doost talked to nurses at various North Texas urgent care clinics, and found out that not all clinics across North Texas will be replenished with vaccines like Urgent Care for Kids.

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  1. MD premier 4 years ago

    This is a serious problem that needs to be taken care immediately. Urgent care clinics really needs to have a lot of stocks of vaccines in case of another type of emergency like this.

    Still this article is great, it helps many to understand that before going to panic they must first think about the symptoms its really the virus they have or just a false alarm.

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