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Creative & Healthy Trick-or-Treat Options

Creative & Healthy Trick-or-Treat Options
October 9, 2014 Melissa Bauman

As the air starts to cool and the leaves begin to change, the excitement for fall arises. We begin to anticipate Halloween and the adorable trick-or-treaters who will knock on our doors. The front porches are decorated with autumn wreaths, carved pumpkins, and candy is purchased for the kids. Children will fill their baskets, pillow cases, and buckets full of candy. This Halloween, we want to switch things up a bit and encourage fun and healthy options for kids who trick-or-treat. We found these five ideas to surprise kids and parents with this year!

Glow Sticks

I Love My Classroom: My Halloween Treat for the Kiddos This is an unexpected treat that will have kids smiling and parents grateful. The kids are able to put the glow stick on and they are more easily seen by traffic and their parents. It’s a win for everyone! You can also get creative and put a message on each glow stick. For example: “Bit of Light for Halloween Night.”

Gold Fish

Goldfish Filled Mini Pumpkin Halloween Treats Simply use a black sharpie to draw a pumpkin face on to a clear bag and fill it with Gold Fish. You can also tie the bag with green or brown ribbon to make it look more like a pumpkin. Have your kids help to draw the faces for a fun family activity!

Temporary Tattoos

Disney's Frozen #temporarytattoo Kids love to use temporary tattoos, especially when they have their favorite Disney character or super hero on them! You can also purchase light reflective or glow in the dark tattoos to help parents locate their kids in the dark.

Mandarin Oranges

Great idea for preschool (even though I know what a pain the juice in these is for teachers - kids can't open them; juice goes everywhere....) Mandarin oranges with jack-o-lantern faces sharpied on them. These little packages of oranges are low cost and perfect for drawing on! You can draw a pumpkin face or simply write a trick-or-treat message. Either way, parents will be grateful for a healthy twist to a Halloween treat.


Simple and Cute Idea for your Halloween Party. If you are the house that hands out balloons, we think you’ll be a big hit. Purchase balloons in Halloween colors, and place a string on the end to tie around their wrists or baskets. You can also use a glow in the dark marker to draw faces on the balloons or add a light reflective Halloween sticker to help the kids stay easily visible. If you have a fun and healthy alternative to Halloween candy, share it with us on Facebook or take a photo and tag Urgent Care for Kids on Instagram. We would love to see what you come up with!


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