June 30, 2016 Melissa Bauman


Welcome back to #THROWBACKTHURSDAY! We love this series because every Thursday we take a trip down memory lane and visit the history of Urgent Care for Kids, healthcare, and other fun things. Hop into our time machine and let’s go!


Today we are looking at the history of the stethoscope! The word stethoscope is derived from the two Greek words, “Stethos”, which means chest, and “scopos”, which means examination! Stethoscopes are used to listen to the heart and chest sounds, as well as to hear bowel sounds and blood flow noises in arteries and veins. According to the American Diagnostic Corporation, here are a few of the facts regarding the Stethoscope:

1816: The first stethoscope was invented by a French doctor named Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec at the Neckcer-Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris. The first stethoscope consisted of a wooden tube and was moaural.

1851: The stethoscope became bi-aural by physician Arthur Leared.

1852: George Cammann refined the stethoscope by commercializing it.

20th Century: Minor improvements were made to these devices to reduce weight, improve acoustic quality, and filter out external noise. Stethoscopes are now available in a wide array of styles and colors, with designs available for virtually every kind of medicine.

Check out more about Stethoscopes here.


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