Summer is A-Comin’

Summer is A-Comin’
May 16, 2014 Melissa Bauman

(Even though the weather doesn’t always feel like it)

Time to use the pool that is only used a couple months out of the year… Some of the best summer memories come from swimming with friends! We polled our UC4K staff to find the top 10 games to play in the pool.


  1. Sharks and Minnows:

    Needed: 2+ Players
    How to play: 1 to 3 sharks will be designated depending on group size and age of swimmers. The rest of the players minnows will be situated at one side of the pool. Sharks will be placed on land in the middle of the pool with their back facing the minnows. To begin the game sharks will yell, “SHARKS AND MINNOWS”, turn around and jump in the pool. If a minnow is tagged, that person will become a shark, too. This process will continue until there is only 1 minnow left! Last minnow standing wins.

  2. Marco Polo:

    (Duh!) No description necessary.

  3. Invisibottle:

    Needed: Players 1+; Clear plastic bottle (filled to the top with water);
    How to play: 1 person is designated to throw the water bottle into the pool. The rest of the swimmers should be blindfolded. Once the bottle is thrown, swimmers will have to find the now “invisibottle”. First player to find the recycled toy wins.

  4. Octopus:

    Needed: 2+ Players
    How to Play: 1 swimmer will be designated at the octopus and the other players will be fish. The octopus will need to stand in a part of the pool that their feet reach. The player that is the octopus will call out different ways to cross the pool. For example, twirling, running or backwards, and each time will be different. If the octopus catches a fish, that player will hold hands with the octopus and continue the game until 1 fish is left.

  5. Butterfinger Ball:

    Needed: 2+ players, Sunscreen, Beach Ball
    How to play: Players will need to have their hands covered in sunscreen. The beach ball will need to be covered in water. Next, the players will toss the ball around trying to keep it in the air. It is fun to see how long the ball can stay in the air without touching the water. Adults can play too!

  6. Dive for Treasure

    Needed: 1+ Players, Pennies
    How to play: 1 person is designated to throw pennies into the water. The players will swim trying to pick up as many coins as possible. Player with the most loot wins. Reward for the players is to keep their spoils.

  7. Raft Races:

    Needed: 2+ Players; Inflatable Raftsraft
    How to play: Each player will pick their mode of transportation for the race. Once the contest has started the swimmers will race to the other end of the pool without getting off of their raft. First player to the end will win. This game can also be turned into a relay race with more players.

  8. Categories:

    Needed: 4+ Players
    How to play: 1 player will be chosen to be “it”, and will stand on the outside of the pool with their back turned. The other players will be positioned inside of the pool on the same wall. A category (i.e. cereal brands, ice cream flavors, etc.) will be chosen. Next, the “it” player will start naming different types in each of the categories. When a player’s selection (i.e. life, rocky road, etc.) is called, that player will have to swim to the other end of the pool as quickly as possible, without getting tagged. If a player is tagged, that person will become the new “it”. If a player is not tagged, then the game will continue, until someone is the new “it”.

  9. Dolphin:

    Needed: 2+ Players
    How to Play: Each players will try to hold their breath for the longest, while swimming to the other end of the pool. Each player will stop in the exact location that they ran out of air. The player closest to the other end of the pool will be the winner.

  10. Water Freeze Tag:

    Needed: 3+ Players
    How to play: 1 player will be designated as “it”. This player will swim around the pool trying to tag the other players. If a player is tagged, another untagged player can swim underneath the tagged person legs to unfreeze that player.


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