All About Sports Physicals

All About Sports Physicals
May 3, 2019 Melissa Bauman

Sports Physicals: What you should know

Participating in a sport provides many benefits for children and adolescents. Not only do sports give athletes the opportunity to improve their balance, coordination, and build muscle strength, but it also provides the opportunity to build friendships and learn how to work together as a team to achieve a common goal.

The purpose of the pre-participation sport physical is to address the health and safety of the athlete prior to training or competition. The evaluation begins with a review of the athlete’s medical background, which includes questions regarding any chronic medical issues as well as any episodes of shortness of breath, chest pain, or fainting/loss of consciousness that may have occurred with activity. Questions regarding the athlete’s family history pertaining to heart health are also important in determining the health and safety of the athlete. Once the medical history has been reviewed, vital signs including height, weight, and vision are obtained followed by a physical exam. The physical exam is a head to toe examination to ensure the athlete is healthy and ready to begin or continue participation in a sport.

If the pediatrician or pediatric provider finds something that is concerning on exam or history, they will refer the athlete to the appropriate specialist for further evaluation prior to clearing the patient for sports participation. Although it may take a couple of weeks for the specialist evaluation to take place prior to clearance, this is a very important step in determining the health and safety of the athlete and should be taken very seriously.


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