Snacks To Cool You Down

Snacks To Cool You Down
June 24, 2013 Melissa Bauman

In all of the Texas heat it always helps to have good snacks to cool you down in your kitchen! Water is always the most important to keep you and your kids cool under the sun but check out some of these other fun snacks that will help keep you hydrated.

1. Snow Cones – These shaved ice snacks can be some of the most refreshing and fun ways to cool off. Kids can experiment with the fun names of the flavors, like Tiger’s Blood or Cotton Candy. Another good thing about snow cones are that you can make them at home too! Just slowly blend up some ice and pour fun flavored juice on them, for example fruit punch or limeade.

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2. Popsicles – With all of the flavors that popsicles come in, these will for sure be a crowd favorite in your home! But why buy them when you can make homemade ones that are even healthier? Toss in some fresh fruit also to change it up. These snacks will last a long time as you continue to eat them.


3. Frozen Fruit – This is one of the healthiest alternatives to a snack to cool you down. Take any kind of you or your kids favorite fruit and toss it in the freezer just enough to frost the outside. Be careful not to freeze them solid! You want to make sure you allow them to get cold enough to cool you off but also have all of the same nutrients in the juices of the fruits. You could also do this with veggies if your family prefers vegetables.



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