Sports Physical for Kids

Our clinics go beyond school districts requirements to ensure your child is ready to play sports to their fullest

Sports Physical

Now virtually treating families in Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas!

Why Choose Urgent Care Kids for Sports Physicals?

School District Compliance

Our doctors have many years of experience serving Texas school districts to make sure your child is screened correctly for their sports per requirements of your district.

Beyond Checklists

While other clinics may just go by a generic checklist, we go beyond to make sure there is are no other underlying risks for injury. We want your child safe for any physical activity.

Texas Focused

We serve many wonderful Texas communities from Austin, Dallas, Houston, and more! See our full location list here.

Here When You Need Us

We’re open 7 days/week, including after-hours (Weekdays: 3pm–9pm, Weekends: 9am-5pm). We’re open all holidays and weekends.

Specialists for Kids

Children have special needs and attention that our doctors and clinics understand. Our pediatricians provide expert medical care for children of all ages up to age 21. It’s what makes us different from all the others.


Have peace of mind with one of our thorough sports physicals for your child. Each child is only $35 to receive quality health care that goes above and beyond.

Here Are Some Of The Things We Look At During Your Sports Physical Visit

Vitals check

We’ll check your child’s heart rate and blood pressure to ensure they are within the desired range (or limits). We’ll also note their weight and height, since weight changes and adolescent growth spurts can add stress on joints, muscles, tissues, and bones.

Eye exam

We will screen your child’s vision to see if any correction is needed. If your child wears glasses or contact lenses, be sure to bring them to the exam.

Medical History Review

Our experts in pediatrics will review your child’s medical history carefully. Understanding any previous illnesses, injuries, and ongoing medical problems will help us provide guidance on the recommended activity level for your child.

General Physical Examination

A full evaluation of your child’s ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs, and abdomen will ensure we have all the information we need to clear him or her for school, camp, or sports activities.

Joints and Muscles

Kids and teens are naturally active! Before participating in extra exertion, we will examine your child’s joints and muscles to confirm his or her flexibility, strength, and posture can support everything your child plans to do.


We take our role in your child’s care seriously, and we want to assure a safe experience for your student, camper, or athlete. During your visit, we will happily discuss any concerns about your child’s participation in physical activities.