Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!
May 23, 2014 Melissa Bauman


Happy Memorial Day

The unofficial start to summer has finally arrived—it’s Memorial Day Weekend, y’all! You have three days filled with nothing but sunny skies and warmer weather, deadlines and homework replaced with backyard barbeques and pool parties. Some of you might head down to Galveston, anxious to wiggle your toes in the sand—your kiddos squealing with glee as they rush into the gentle waves. Others might choose to relax indoors, playing board games and disappearing into storybooks, enjoying the kisses and cuddles of your little ones. Maybe you’ll decide to pack up the car and visit extended family in another city, loving the smile on Grandpa’s face as he bends down to hug your children.

This weekend consists of three days—three days during which you have the freedom to choose how you spend your time. Traveling, reading, smiling, playing, sleeping, swimming, laughing, grilling—the choice is yours.

But in the midst of this Memorial Day Weekend, take a moment to think about why this three day vacation exists—to honor and remember those who don’t have the option to spend this time with their families and friends. Keep them close to your heart, knowing that they selflessly gave of themselves so that you might continue to enjoy the wonderful everyday freedoms experienced by all Americans.

To those that once served or continue to serve in the United States Armed Forces, please know that Urgent Care for Kids is so incredibly grateful for all that you gave up for our country. We thank you for your sacrifice, and are humbled to be able to care for you and your family members through our continued acceptance of Tricare and its subsidiary plans.

Happy Memorial Day.



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