Meet Kristal Anguiano, PA-C

Meet Kristal Anguiano, PA-C
December 11, 2015 Melissa Bauman

For this week’s provider spotlight, we are pleased to feature Kristal Anguiano, PA-C. Kristal joined Urgent Care for Kids in early November, making her one of the newest additions to our team. We are always excited to have great providers like Kristal at our clinics, and she has definitely impressed us in the past month with her commitment to providing excellent patient care to each child she treats. If you have seen her in our north Houston clinics, Spring and The Woodlands, you are aware that her kind disposition makes even a doctor’s appointment a pleasant experience! Here is a chance to learn more about Kristal’s exceptional qualifications and her time so far at Urgent Care for Kids.

Anguiano spotlight 1. Tell us why parents should let you care for their children.

Beyond my medical training, the most taxing job I have outside of work is being a mommy to little ones at home. Having a baby sick with an earache or waking up with them all night to clean up vomit can make even the greatest of all parents a bit neurotic, especially if you have had to stay home with them and you are now worried about losing your job; I have been there! The importance of getting your little ones better and getting life back on track is my first priority. I graduated from Baylor University and did the majority of my training at Emory School of Medicine right next door to the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia. Much of my pediatric training was at Children’s Healthcare Hospital in Atlanta working in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I have had wonderful mentors and supporters who have allowed me to tag along and have worked with me alongside some tough medical cases. I enjoy opportunities to make kids healthy, and even more so getting to know the families who love these kids just like I do.

2. Why did you choose to specialize in pediatrics?

It’s easy: positive reinforcement all day long! Kids are cute and adorable no matter how bad they feel. Despite croupy coughs, high fevers, or a fractured pinky, they can still light up the room. They are an open book of honesty and will look you straight in the eyes and tell you that they had macaroni and cheese and Oreos for breakfast (my kids’ favorite meal). There are some tough, complex cases in pediatric medicine- some conditions take longer to get over and may require a referral, but kids are resilient and tend to bounce back easily. Popsicles are a definite plus, and serve as an immediate indicator that things are going to be okay.

3. What is your favorite thing about working at Urgent Care for Kids?

The availability we offer parents. No one plans to have an earache at 8pm on a Sunday night or wake up vomiting on Christmas morning. Most times, I am invited into families lives unexpectedly. Urgent Care for Kids is warm and welcoming, and LOVES to have fun and play along. We are here for your little ones when everything else may be closed and are ready to take part in the healing process.

4. What is your favorite thing about living in Houston?

Houston is full of energy (literally)! The city never sleeps. In a 5 mile stretch, you have your pick of over 867 restaurants that are open late or 24-hour grocery stores when you run out of milk at 2am. Having lived in Taos, New Mexico where I shoveled snow 204 days of the year, I love stepping out in the sunshine in mid-January and deciding if I really need to take a jacket in tow. No other city allows you to drive on the interstate and see a brigade of horses and cowboys riding into town.

5. What is one thing that’s unique about you that most people do not know about?

I tend to procrastinate…so much so that our family uses a huge dry-erase calendar hung in the middle of the kitchen that we scribble on regularly. During one of my surgery rotations, I had overslept and arrived a little late (gasp!) and had to quickly find another case to join in on, as my team was halfway done with their surgery. I scrubbed in and joined the medical students and interns preparing for a shunt repair (easy enough, right?). It wasn’t until halfway through the surgery that I realized the attending neurosurgeon performing the surgery was Dr. Sanjay Gupta- chief medical correspondent for CNN and still practicing medicine at Grady Hospital. From that day forward, never have I been more on time for any event or appointment! We can be blessed, even in our weakness or when we feel like we’ve “missed the boat”, opportunities can come our way that far outweigh our expectations!

We hope you enjoy learning more about each of the wonderful providers we have on staff at Urgent Care for Kids. We carefully select each and every team member at UC4K and we love telling you about them. If you or your family was seen by one of our amazing team members, we would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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