Leadership Team


Brian White – Chief Executive Officer/Co-founder

Brian White is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Urgent Care for Kids. Brian has been the CEO since the inception of the company, and in four years of operations has taken it from start-up to the largest pediatric urgent care company in Texas. Brian’s unique understanding of the need for top-notch healthcare, combined with a customer-first approach to retail medicine, has yielded a company with consistent quality medical outcomes and overwhelming customer satisfaction at all Urgent Care for Kids clinics.

Brian manages all aspects of the company’s current operations and, along with Kevin Pearce, leads the implementation and planning for the growth of Urgent Care for Kids. Brian has taken on countless roles within the company, giving him a unique, inside-out knowledge of all systems within Urgent Care for Kids.

From 2006 to the 2011, Brian held the title of Development Manager for the Cirrus Group (now HealthCap, LLC). Based in Dallas, Texas, this organization is a real estate development company specializing in the development and delivery of customized, state-of-the-art medical and healthcare-related real estate properties.

Brian received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance from the University of Texas, Red McCombs School of Business, in Austin, Texas.

Kevin Pearce – President/Co-founder

Kevin Pearce co-founded Urgent Care for Kids in 2011, and is currently President of the company. He developed the initial models for Urgent Care for Kids’ marketing and branding, site selection, clinic work flow, staffing efficiency, technology selection and implementation, and service delivery programs that built the foundation for the company. Kevin was instrumental in raising the initial seed capital, and continues to be actively involved in raising growth capital for the expansion of Urgent Care for Kids. Over the past four years he has been responsible for the strategic development and co-management of the start-up process as well as the continued day-to-day operations. Kevin is instrumental in procuring local relationships in the pediatric community to facilitate high-quality after-hours pediatric urgent care. He also serves as the leader of physician recruitment and liaison to the clinical team, as well as directing much of the business strategy including talent identification, recruitment, and retention.

Kevin also serves on the board of managers where he collaborates to create the vision and direction for Urgent Care for Kids’ furtherance of long-term national growth plans. As part of the executive management team, he provides leadership to ensure the company’s organizational goals, mission and philosophy are carried out in the care of every patient.

Kevin is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and holds a business degree from the Red McCombs School of Business.

Gerardo Reyes, MD, MBA – Chief Development Officer

Dr. Gerardo Reyes serves as the Chief Development Officer for Urgent Care for Kids. He has been with company since its inception in 2011. Dr. Reyes is board certified in both general pediatrics and pediatric intensive care. He also holds an MBA with a concentration in health care administration. He has more than 20 years experience in private practice and has served in numerous clinical and administrative positions including medical director of a pediatric intensive care unit, administrator of a pediatric medical group, and CFO of a pediatric multi-specialty practice in Chicago. Dr. Reyes is a member of the Urgent Care Association of America, fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and fellow of the College of Critical Care Medicine.

April Gillam – Chief Operating Officer

April GillamApril Gillam serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Urgent Care for Kids. Through strategic planning, she works to develop and implement efficient operational procedures for the company. This encompasses overseeing both clinical and marketing personnel, clinical flow, company purchasing, training protocols, new clinic implementation, client retention strategies, and company-wide marketing campaigns. In addition to this, she also maintains accountability with our staff on Urgent Care for Kids’ high standards of customer service.

Previous to taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer, April acted as the Vice President of Marketing and Customer Service for Urgent Care for Kids. This experience allowed her to have a firm grasp on the clinical, corporate, and marketing sides of Urgent Care for Kids.

April graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences. She is passionate about deeply integrating customer service in healthcare and continuing to build a strong team culture at Urgent Care for Kids.