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Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen
September 28, 2015 Melissa Bauman


You’re already used to one handed cooking with a baby on your hip and all, so why not take one more hand away and let them do it? If your kids are anything like my kids, who have been nicknamed Hurricane Carson and Tornado Ella, then you know how overwhelming trying to get dinner ready with strong winds and a high sea puling at your pant leg. But if you go into it prepared, the results will be so rewarding for both you and the littles. So let’s let them do it! Break away from the perfection tendencies and the micro managing ways, and let them be little in a big kitchen. Obviously, they can’t do everything at every age but with big big bowls and a lot of space you can find plenty for them to do at all ages. Here are a couple of tips on getting kids into the kitchen:

  1. First and foremost do not start out being stressed. Start from a place of zen. If you don’t –this will be a tough job. Accept that this will be unpredictable, imperfect and spilled milk, and don’t let it phase you.
  2. Prep the kitchen beforehand. Those munchkins will be pouring and mixing before you can grab a measuring cup. You can pre measure everything and put them into small bowls that they can simply dump together as instructed.
  3. Use cooking as an opportunity to learn. Teach them to follow directions and how to stay safe.
  4. Lastly, embrace mistakes. They are inevitable. You might end up with an egg shell omelet or a loop sided layer cake, but that’ll be just fine. The proud twinkle in their eye or smile on their chocolate covered faces with make it ALL worth it.

About the Author: jessie

Jessie is a musical, crafting, cooking extraordinaire! She has been married for 8 years and she has two precious toddlers, ages 3, and 4.Her faith and her family are most important to her, and you can read more about Jessie on her blog: Ramsey Famsey

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