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Do Your Kiddos Like to Eat Vegetables?

Do Your Kiddos Like to Eat Vegetables?
May 30, 2014 Melissa Bauman

Maybe or maybe not? Let’s end the battle with vegetables together.

  • For the artistic or creative parents, making faces with veggies can be fun for kids to eat the terrifying broccoli. Ideas can come from favorite cartoon characters, funny faces or whatever ingredients in the refrigerator that inspire the chef.Veggie Face
  • Vegetables in another physical state, such as liquid form, can be less intimidating for kiddos. Smoothies or juices mixed with fruits and vegetables will add flavor to any combo. Try experimenting with kids for a fun activity, but remember to write down the best tasting recipes.  Check out this website for some kid approved smoothie recipes. Fresh organic green smoothie with salad, apple, cucumber, pineap
  • Dipping sauces make vegetables taste better for parents and kids a like. Ranch is usually the go to sauce, but there are some flavors to throw into the mix. Sauces tend to taste better when they are homemade, so trying making some of the dips at home.
  • One last way to encourage kids to eat vegetables… grow your own! Children get to pick their favorite vegetable from the garden and have it as a snack. For the non-green thumbs, trial and error will probably take place but stick with it!

kid garden


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