Keeping Your Brain Engaged for Summer

Keeping Your Brain Engaged for Summer
June 22, 2016 Melissa Bauman

School is officially out and the kids are home for the summer! They may want to spend hours in front of the TV or on their tablets, and you may be tempted to let them! But just because school is out doesn’t mean the learning should stop! Here are a few ways to keep your kids’ mind active while still having fun:

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Image courtesy of stockimages at

1. Encourage little engineers

Raid your craft box, your junk drawer, and even your kitchen cabinets for supplies to build a new invention! Use pipe cleaners, rubber bands, empty cereal boxes and whatever else you can find and have your child dream up and build something useful from everyday objects.

2. Take a field trip

Visit the local zoo, museum, or aquarium one afternoon! Ask your kids what they already know about specific animals, and take advantage of the opportunity to teach them more.

3. Limit screen time

While this may seem difficult at first, offering other activities can help! Give your kids the option of reading, doing a puzzle, or playing with toys. For more stubborn kids, restrict access to electronics until they’ve read for 30 minutes or completed a chore.

4. Take a break

While it’s important to keep busy, kids also need to rest! The best part of summer (for kids) is not going to school, so don’t push too hard to keep them busy. Let them just have fun!

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