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How to make Brushing Fun!!

How to make Brushing Fun!!
July 10, 2013 Melissa Bauman


We created this handy chart for you to use when teaching your children to brush! Use check-marks or stickers to make brushing fun. When the chart is completely filled in for the week- treat your child to a reward for brushing and flossing regularly!


Other ideas to make it fun:

1. Sing a song with your child to make the time pass by more quickly (two-minute recommended brushing time).

2. Brush with your child and have them mimic you!

       3.   Fun toothbrushes… let them pick out their favorite themed toothbrush at the store!


4. Tasty toothpaste…find a flavor that the kids love!


5. Watch this music video with them


Have fun!!


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