Happy Camper

Oh the joys of summer activities! Many little critters out there (and we don’t mean the bugs!) are getting ready for camp fun – perhaps yours are too. Urgent Care for Kids team members Taylor Meeks and Christine Walsh share their thoughts on today’s camping trends, common concerns from parents and the ultimate benefits summer activities have in store for our kids.

Taylor Meeks, Physician and Community Liaison

Christine Walsh, South Houston Marketing Director














I remember being so excited for summer camp growing up and having the time of my life hiking through the Texas hill country, singing ridiculous songs around the fire and munching on s’mores. It was also special to reunite with friends that lived far away. Had it not been for my summer camp experience, I wouldn’t have met them or gained the sense of independence, responsibility and confidence I have today. And it sparked a new interest – the great outdoors!


Whether your kids enjoy nature, learning new tricks on the basketball court or dancing to a beat with new friends, summer camps are the way to go and many agree.



The social aspect of summer camps is the most important part in my opinion. Encouraging children to branch out and meet new people and develop amazing friendships with people from different states and sometimes different countries. Hiking was one of my favorite things about camp as well! I loved going to camps that had a physical component to them because I was a very active child. The sports style camps encourage important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, compassion, and strategizing.


I also think camp is an excellent growing period for children and their parents. Being away from home for an extended period of time can truly help kids come into their own and apply lessons and skills in social situations. It is natural for kids to get mildly homesick, however, there are so many great steps parents can take to prevent separation anxiety.


  1. Including kids in the planning is a great start. No one likes to feel forced to go away to camp.
  2. Having practice time away from home, such as sleeping over at a friend’s house, is a great stepping stone toward day or sleep-away camp too.
  3. And of course any doubts and worries are best kept under wraps. It is best to say things like “I’ll miss you so much but can’t wait to hear about all the fun you had when you get back.” A parent’s confidence and reassurance means so much to kids, both excited and nervous.



I agree! Time away from home is needed for both the parents and the children. It is important for a child to branch out of their comfort zone and develop their independence and social skills.

Another thing that makes summer camp great is forcing the kids to “unplug” from all technology. When children take a break from cell phones, TV, video games and computers it helps rebuild their creativity and forces them to engage with real people in real activities and real relationships.

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