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Gift Ideas for Parents in a Pinch

Gift Ideas for Parents in a Pinch
April 30, 2014 Melissa Bauman
Whenever birthdays, baby showers or anniversaries arrive, busy parents need quick and affordable ideas for presents. Homemade and personalized gifts will show the recipient that you put thought into their present. Instead of Googling online stores, UC4K put together a list of our favorite gift ideas for many occasions.

Homemade Baby Shower Gifts:

  • Diaper Cake: This can be personalized to the baby shower theme, but provide a practical use for the shower decoration.
  • Hand Me Downs: Books, toys and clothes in the best condition, will make for an affordable gift idea. This may not seem very glamorous, but personalized packaging will show your effort through creativity. Also, the gifts can be given in a practical or reusable packaging, for example, colored Tupperware, paper mache box or cute gift boxes from Target.
  • Repurposed Kid Furniture: Painting a kid’s table or rocking horse to match a friend’s décor can personalize My Repurposed Lifean item to make it the perfect present for mom and kid(s). My Repurposed Life is a blogger that has a lot of great ideas for repurposed furniture with DIY instructions.

Gift for Parents or Grandparents:

  • Shadow Box: Sentimental toy or piece of clothing placed in a shadow box. Shadow Boxes can be purchased at craft stores and Target. This can also be done with items that have been replaced such as long lost Barbie dolls.
  • Reenact Photos: The awkward or favorite family photos recreated years later can be a classic gift idea.


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  • Child Picasso: Children’s artwork that is framed can look like a piece of Picasso’s artwork, but not with the price tag. Also, this can be done with photographs that have an added effect, for example, a picture with a Warhol Effect.

Other Gift Ideas for The…

  • Green Thumb: Hot gluing glass beads or shells to a garden pot is a creative way to personalize a gift for someone that likes to spend time outside. Add the recipient’s favorite plant for an A+.
  • Foodie: Create a scrapbook of your favorite recipes, but make sure to include the element of scrapbooking by adding favorite pictures of friends and family.
  • Techie: Transferring home videos to DVDs or Flash Drives will be a present that can be appreciated in the world without VCRs. If YOU are tech savvy it might be fun to add introductions or music. There are companies that can do this for you, but after a quick Google search there are sites with detailed instructions.Pressed Flowers
  • Girly Girl: Pressed flowers placed in a frame can look professional or antique. Using favorite colors or flowers as inspiration, will add the personal touch for the one being gifted.



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