The Future of Pediatric Telemedicine

The Future of Pediatric Telemedicine
July 27, 2018 Melissa Bauman

Technology now enables us to speak with you and your child from afar for minor, urgent care needs.

Dr. Anthony Nguyen, Urgent Care for Kids Pediatrician

I can vividly recall the day I received my first personal computer. This computer was a beautiful, beige construction of plastic and metal composed of three separate parts; a large boxed monitor, an even larger computer base, and a keyboard. All together it took up more space than today’s high capacity microwave, and it weighed a ton. I remember hitting that switch in the back and patiently waiting for it to turn on. Starring at it; there were no colorful graphics or airy musical sounds that evoked excitement. It was simply a bleep and an unassuming blinking dot, but that was the future!

Fast forward to today, and we can now interact with people a million miles away. Even our own speech can be recognized and interpreted into a series of complex actions. Technology has shaped every facet of our lives today. At Urgent Care for Kids, we are taking that magical step of bridging technology and medicine in pediatrics.

VirtualPediatrics is the first, on-demand pediatric telemedicine service available to families in Texas. Our board-certified pediatricians can now interact with you and your child in real-time to make real-time medical decisions. With the help of advanced telecommuting technologies we can provide medical support easily and efficiently so you can spend more time with your loved ones. Unlike that first computers defined by complexity and a lack of interaction; we can see you, hear you, and even listen to your heartbeat using a smartphone, tablet or computer! Now this is the future! Just like in Star Trek; we are embarking on a new frontier…together

Click here to speak with a pediatrician on-demand or by appointment today.

VirtualPediatrics is now available! If you can’t make it to us, our pediatric providers will meet you online via secure video conference. Simply select an on-demand visit or schedule an appointment to get started. All our providers are specialized in pediatrics because we believe that little patients are a BIG deal. We accept most insurance plans as well as offer a discounted self-pay rate of $75. We’re open 7 days/week, including after-hours (Mon-Fri: Noon-9pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-9pm). We’re open all holidays and weekends.


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