Family Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Family Valentine’s Day Party Ideas
February 12, 2015 Melissa Bauman

hugging mother and daughterThis year Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday, so there is more time to spend during the day celebrating as a family. Valentine’s Day can be a day to spread love to everyone not just your significant other. Food and activities are the best way to make an at home family Valentine’s Day party.

Valentine’s Day Themed Food

A great way to avoid making food all in one day would be to prepare the ingredients days before. Additionally, anything heart shaped can be turned into a great Valentine’s Day treat.

Breakfast: Start the day off with red velvet heart shaped pancakes. This Southern Living video makes the baking process look really easy. The batter and icing for these pancakes can be created a day or two before and then keep it in the fridge until Valentine’s Day morning!

Lunch: Obviously anything heart shaped will work… how about something easy! Grilled cheese sandwiches cut into heart shapes and then dipped into tomato soup. The tomato soup will bring in the red color for the Valentine’s Day theme. The soup can be bought or made days earlier, but the grilled cheese sandwiches can be a fast lunch that everyone can make together. Make sure to buy a heart shaped cookie cutter!

Dinner: Dinner might be better spent at home, if you don’t have reservations at your favorite restaurant already you should be prepared for long wait times. This is a good holiday to make everyone’s favorite meal. Heart shaped pizzas are an easy and fun meal that each family member can personalize with their favorite toppings. Pillsbury has pre-made dough that will help save time. To add a little romance make chocolate covered strawberries for dessert! pizza crust

Valentine’s Day Themed Activities

Crafts and activities can be a sneaky way to create decorations or snacks for the family Valentine’s Day party.

Decorations: Have everyone write a Valentine’s Day card for each member of the family that they will get to read at dinner. These can also serve as place holders for the table or this can be done to create place mats (red construction paper). Simply, laminate the place mats to keep for future family dinners.

Game: Create a Valentine’s Day heart hunt. Hide construction paper hearts with different acts of love written on them (i.e. hug the next person you see) throughout the house. You can also have the kids create their own heart hunt.

Snack: An easy snack such as chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles, can serve as an activity and a snack to keep everyone happy. All you need is pretzels, melting chocolate (usually found in the baking aisle), sprinkles and cookie sheets lined in wax paper. Allow the pretzels to cool in the fridge and you have a great snack for the rest of the day. It also doesn’t hurt either that the pretzels are heart shaped!

No matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day remember to remind the ones you love how much they mean to you. Happy Valentine’s Day from Urgent Care for Kids to your family. Hi-Res Vector File Duckie



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