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Dr. Duck’s Book Club-Summer Reading Edition

Dr. Duck’s Book Club-Summer Reading Edition
May 16, 2016 Melissa Bauman

Today’s edition of Dr. Duck’s Book Club is a little different! Typically, we share book recommendations for a variety of reading levels, but today we’re sharing tips on how to make reading a fun summer activity for your kids!

CP storytime

1. Make a chart to keep track of how much your child has read

You can keep track of this by hours, pages, chapters, or books in total! Set goals for your child, and reward them when they’re met.

2. Invite friends over for a story time

If your little one isn’t reading on their own yet, gather a few friends to read a story together! They will love listening to a new story as well as playing with friends afterwards.

3. Teach your kids to read

It’s never too early! If your child is headed to kindergarten in the fall, start preparing them this summer by reading with them and teaching them to sound out words.

4. Replace screen time with reading time

It may not make you the popular parent, but having required reading time before allowing screen time is a great way to cut down on your kids’ use of electronics this summer. And who knows, they may get lost in a book and forget about their iPad!

5. Encourage kids to use their imagination

Have your child make an art project based off of a book they have read, or if they like to write, prompt them to write a sequel to a book they have just finished. Get creative!

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