Don’t Forget- Cold & Flu Season is Still Out There!

Don’t Forget- Cold & Flu Season is Still Out There!
January 13, 2016 Melissa Bauman

If you got your flu shot back in September or October, it can be easy to forget that flu season is still lingering come January. However, not only is the nasty flu bug still hanging around, cold season has also yet to make an exit. Even if you did receive the flu vaccine, it’s still important to take the necessary precautions to avoid getting the flu or a cold this winter!


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1. Get your flu shot

If you haven’t already done so, get vaccinated. Flu season lasts until May, and the most effective way to combat the spread of influenza is by getting your flu shot! All nine of our Urgent Care for Kids locations are still offering flu shots for the whole family, so there’s still time! To learn more about the benefits of getting the flu vaccination, read what one of our pediatricians, Dr. Nguyen, shared with us earlier this year!

2. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Another great way to avoid germs is by making sure your kiddos wash their hands thoroughly before they eat, after playing on the playground, and after they use the restroom. This is always important, but especially during cold & flu season! It’s helpful to use a fun, visual activity to teach your kids proper handwashing techniques.

3. Get enough rest

Ensuring that your kids get enough down time is crucial in allowing their immune systems to re-charge each day. If you notice your little one is dragging, it may be time to skip out on an activity to have a restful night at home. It’s better to be safe than sick!

We’re not quite out of the woods yet with flu season, but with these tips, hopefully you can escape without so much as a case of the sniffles!


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