Difficult Conversations with Kids

Difficult Conversations with Kids
October 17, 2017 Melissa Bauman

Kids love to ask questions…about everything! When caught off guard, it can be tricky for moms and dads to find the right answers. Our little ones truly rely on family to understand and cope with reality, especially with the recent events our country has faced. Difficult conversations like these are so important to have as a family. So how can we as parents break the ice?


The first piece of advice parenting experts give is to emphasize there’s nothing your kids can’t come to you with. Any topic is okay to talk about. Even if parents don’t have a response at the moment, that’s okay too. The important thing is to address issues together.


Here are our best tips when sitting down with your family for talks like these:


Timing Is Everything – If you’re coming to your child, create an opportunity where your kids aren’t distracted or emotionally invested in something. It’s also okay to meet later or ask for more time should your child come to you and you aren’t ready to dive into details.


Keep It Positive – Children feel a sense of security and confidence when in a nonjudgmental and open environment. You can create this by reinforcing positive remarks like “You are so smart to ask that,” and “I’m glad you brought this up. Let’s talk about it as a family tonight.” Once they know you’re truly there to comfort and encourage them, kids see their parents as trustworthy and cool people to talk to about anything.


Listen and Support – This is where genuine heart comes into play. Let your kids know you want to hear what they think and you’ll always love and support them. You can even include relatives, nannies and family friends in on the this too. Show your little ones that you are all one team. Hard things in life are unfortunately bound to happen, but it’s how we handle it together that makes a difference.


Open Door – They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same goes for serious discomfort – sometimes our problems can’t be solved overnight. Why destructive acts of human and mother nature happen can be so confusing to kids. And let’s be honest, adults too. Lay what you can out on the table and take your time unpacking it together. When you reach a good stopping point, perhaps some time to reflect and check in later is a good idea.


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