Creative Easter Eggs Without the Mess!

Creative Easter Eggs Without the Mess!
March 21, 2016 Melissa Bauman

Springtime brings sunshine, flowers, warmer weather, and Easter! One of our favorite Easter activities is dying eggs, but we know that can get a bit messy.  Today, we’re sharing with you a few creative, less-mess ways to decorate your eggs!

Image courtesy of jannoon028 at

Image courtesy of jannoon028 at

1. Stickers- instead of dunking in dye, use the white background of your eggs as a canvas for colorful stickers! You can use seasonal shapes like flowers and bunnies, or basic shapes like circles and stripes to make a pattern.

2. Crayons– While the eggs are still warm, doodle designs on the shell with crayons. The heat from the egg will melt the crayon slightly, giving it an interesting look with a smooth texture.

3. Glitter– Have your little one place dots of glue on the egg, then roll in glitter for a sparkling addition to your Easter basket.

4. ModPodge- Use ModPodge to attach scraps of tissue paper or scrapbook paper for a whimsical, handmade look.

5. Egg Creatures- Give your Easter eggs a personality by gluing googly eyes and hair onto the shell, and drawing a face with crayons or a Sharpie!



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