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Engagement Coordinator

Role Description

  • Work directly with SVP of Telemedicine to closely monitor data and work towards achieving specific engagement goals for the district.
  • Develops relationships with local nursing staff and EPISD administration to build and sustain a culture of excellence within the telemedicine program.
  • Develops and maintains a feedback loop to capture issues and lessons learned across each site.
  • Facilitates ongoing training and onsite telemedicine program implementations.
  • Collaborates, investigates, documents, communicates and provides recommendations improve
  • Regularly visits each site on each week to facilitate staff access to the nursing engagement coordinator.
  • Closely monitors technology and inventory needs at each site.
  • Serves as a resource to nursing staff for questions/needs. Refers needs to appropriate
    leadership as necessary for resolution.
  • Provides leadership to the local Nurse Advisory Council.
  • Collects feedback on engagement, satisfaction, and recognition activities and programs.
    Recommends a plan for action when needed.
  • Identifies trends in nursing engagement and satisfaction data: maintains system to track and
    trend issues and concerns and provides proposals for solutions.
  • Provides and analyzes data at the individual and aggregate level to management/leadership
    teams. Provides weekly updates on specific goals and trends.
  • Manages Profit and Loss Statement to direct influence on how the organizations resources are


  • LVN/RN License in the state of Texas
  • Experience working within a school district
  • Strong analytical skill including analysis, planning and organizing
  • Effective and demonstrable problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Must be people oriented, demonstrates passion for nursing profession.
  • Excellent communication, organizational skills and clear understanding of the English and
    Spanish languages.
  • Ability to work Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.
  • Strong computer literacy including MS Office programs, Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet use and email use
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Able to troubleshoot and problems solve difficult situations with tact, diplomacy and respect for


Corporate Office Manager (Fort Worth)

Role Description:

The Corporate Office Manager role manages the operations of the corporate office by providing mid- to high-level executives in a corporate setting with clerical, administrative, and customer service support. The Corporate Office Manager will perform routine functions, such as drafting and sending correspondence, providing callers with information, ordering inventory, maintaining office files, and managing travel schedules and assisting the marketing department with various functions.


  • Sorting and allocating incoming paper and electronic mail
  • Organizing and filing documents
  • Managing reports
  • Handling incoming calls
  • Managing schedules
  • Arranging travel
  • Assisting in placing orders for in-clinic marketing and telemedicine materials
  • Organizing orders, scheduling, and reports for the telemedicine department
  • Managing WebChat and online review responses
  • Assisting in customer service management
  • Preparing memos, correspondence, spreadsheets, and presentations


There are several requirements to be a Corporate Office Manager. The manager must have solid computer skills and knowledge of e-mail and word processing programs. The assistant should display a high level of oral, reading, and written comprehension. Projecting a professional appearance and speaking voice is a must.

Time management is a skill that is essential to this job since many tasks and projects have deadlines. The manager must be an active listener in order to comprehend required duties and quickly understand the best method for completing them. The manager should be organized and have a great attention for detail. It is imperative that the manager be dependable and reliable.


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