5 Ideas to Add Tradition to Your Family Thanksgiving

5 Ideas to Add Tradition to Your Family Thanksgiving
November 26, 2014 Melissa Bauman


Do you have everything ready for the Thanksgiving meal? Turkey, cranberry sauce from a can, enough places for everyone to sit and utensils to eat with–sounds like it is a go! But wait– what about that special family tradition? Traditions can be intentional or unintentional, as long as it adds meaningfulness to holiday celebrations.

Traditions, new and old, are important for kids to tell their teachers what they did over Thanksgiving break as well as shape memories. Traditions for adults, allow for reflection, to know their families and friends are there for them. For friends that are family, it is significant way to make them feel included in your holiday.

Here are 5 types of traditions to add to your family, but remember to personalize it to fit your family.

1. Saying grace as a family–regardless of your religious affiliation–is an intimate way to bring everyone together, despite what the distance between them may be. For families separated by oceans, countries or states, designate a certain time to Skype or conference call, so that grace can be said together. This is a great time to reflect upon the past year, give thanks for our family and friends, as well as the blessings to come.

2. Serving together as a family, whether it may be serving each other or others in need, this tradition can teach the whole family lessons of being grateful. Have each person draw a name. The person that they draw will be the person’s plate that they will serve at Thanksgiving dinner. If this doesn’t suit your family, find a place to serve together. Homeless shelters, churches or food banks will usually have opportunities to serve the less fortunate.

3. Getting rid of technology (aside from the football game) for a designated time will allow families to engage with each other. Having meaningful conversations is important every day, but with the effort put into this holiday it is imperative to really listen to your aunt’s stories from back in the day!

4. Walking together after the big meal is a special time to spice up the day. After such a big meal it is a good idea to get the juices flowing and burn some calories. Getting to look at the Christmas lights is a plus too!

5. Placing bets will add a little friendly competition to any Thanksgiving holiday. For families that don’t watch football, place a bet on who will fall asleep first and what time. For families that are watching football, set up a betting system (include the little ones) and give the prize of the golden football to the winner. The winner will then have the prize for the next year and will have to pass it on to the next Thanksgiving successor. This is something that families can do that are spread out during the holidays.

Every family will have a different tradition, but it is important that traditions help to reveal the meaning behind each family gathering. Urgent Care for Kids encourages your family to find a tradition to call your own. From the Urgent Care for Kids Families to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


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