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5 stars - Cade, The Woodlands

5 stars - Jack, The Woodlands

Staff was very friendly and efficient. The entire process took less than an hour.

5 stars - Joshua, The Woodlands

5 stars - Emily, The Woodlands

Friendly, empathetic staff. Fast service. Very very satisfied.

4 stars - Daniel, The Woodlands

5 stars - Whitney, The Woodlands

5 stars - Noah, The Woodlands

4 stars - Robert, The Woodlands

5 stars - Walter, The Woodlands

The staff was very friendly. Even though we were there at almost closing time they were very thorough and didn't make me feel rushed.

5 stars - Ryan, The Woodlands

5 stars - Melissa, The Woodlands

There was no line, I came right in. The stuff is nice and very friendly.

5 stars - Arabella, The Woodlands

Friendly staff, quick wait time. Best urgent care/afterhours clinic in town.

5 stars - Charlotte, The Woodlands

Friendly staff, amazing physician! Thank you for being there for us when we were out of town.

5 stars - Koen, The Woodlands

The staff was very polite and personable while checking our infant in. They were very quick to get us checked in and back to a room to be seen by the doctor. The M.A. was very sweet and attentive in listening to our concerns for this visit. We were seen by the doctor within minutes of the M.A. She talked to us about what was going on and did her examine and was very knowledgable in the diagnosis and treatment options she gave us. We chose an option that required a shot, so the M.A. came back a few minutes later to administer the shot and answer a few more questions we had that came up after the doctor had left. She did a great job with the shot and answering and explaining what we had asked. They kept him for a few min after the shot to make sure he didn't have any serious reactions. Which we really appreciate them wanting to be safe and make sure he's is ok before leaving the office. I would recommend them to anyone who is unable to get to their doctor whether they are booked or closed. You will feel right at home in this office.

5 stars - Greyson, The Woodlands

Quick, friendly and knowledgeable!!!