In The News: Counting Sheep

Catching Z’s is something everyone in the family deserves. But, summer is a tricky time to ensure your kiddos (and self!) are getting enough shut eye. According to a recent study, there are benefits to setting a bedtime for teens and youngsters.

Experts say as parents become less involved in their children’s bedtimes, their sleep deprivation appeared to rise. Those with actual bedtimes are 59 percent more likely to get the sleep they need.

It can be a challenge creating a consistent sleep routine for your child, however, a good rule of thumb is to aim for eight to 10 hours of sleep every night. Here are some suggestions on how to keep you family healthy and rested this summer:

  1. Curfew – Agree to head inside and wind down when the street lamps come on or at a specific time to end the day. This is a happy compromise between having fun and keeping to a steady schedule of sleep and even dinner time.
  2. Get Moving – Time to turn off the TV. If your family is up and active, you all will feel healthy and ready to turn in later. Taking a walk, swimming and flying a kite are just a few simple ways to get up and go!
  3. Munch Munch – Just like staying active, eating healthy is just as important when ensuring a rested sleep. Try keeping sugary foods to a minimum during the day so your family isn’t wide awake before bedtime.
  4. Bonus! Tech Time – Our Urgent Care for Kids staff, many of whom are parents themselves, weighed in on technology use playing an important role in your family’s good night’s rest. Our Woodlands Clinic Manager Edie McRae, LVN shares more:

“As a parent of two teens, I know how hectic their schedules can become. As a family, we enforce bedtime by collecting electronic devices for charging overnight & turning off video games/television. This way they are able get a full night’s sleep without interruption. Everyone is happier when getting the proper sleep.”

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